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At Pivot Analytics we believe in closing the divide between data and decision making, and in the process making business more data driven.

Pivot Analytics are a Certified ThoughtSpot Partner based in Sydney. We have over 14 years working within a range of clients across a range of industry sectors and government.

We are using the next generation of BI and Analytics platforms, using search and AI to deliver data insights to everyone across the organisations. We are giving executives, managers and front-line teams a way to see their data, and also to drill into their data to understand the

WHY behind the WHAT.

Search driven self-service is reducing the time from question to answer from days to seconds, and adhoc analytics request queues reduced by orders of magnitude. 

To understand how this is being achieved, take a few minutes to watch how Suncorp is using ThoughtSpot to underpin their digital transformation, and has reduced their request backlog from 1,200hr to just 200hrs.

Suncorp + ThoughtSpot: Transforming Claims Operations with Search and AI

Suncorp + ThoughtSpot: Transforming Claims Operations with Search and AI


Do you have data, but still have to wait for an analyst to produce a report or just make decisions based on your gut?


Pivot provides access to data to everyone in your business. Using search and AI to provide answers and insights from your operational data in real time.

That means you can see the data on what is really happening in your business. Allowing you to use data to make decisions and to pivot your approach when you need.




The insights and headspace so you can focus on your business

Pivot provides search and AI driven analytics powered by ThoughtSpot to provide answers to data questions for business users.

Pivot is a fully managed ThoughtSpot solution, hosted in the AWS Sydney cloud and managed by our Australian based  team.

Pivot gives you the power of ThoughtSpot, reliability and scalability of AWS and the service of Pivot Analytics, providing you the headspace to focus on your business.

Want to see PIVOT in action?

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