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ThoughtSpot Partner Profile:


Endeavour Drinks Group, owners of brands including Dan Murphy’s and BWS are Australia’s largest liquor retailer with over 1,600 stores and $11.6b in annual revenue.

With the shear volume of sales and transaction level data Endeavour’s existing BI solution was not coping. Data was being aggregated and still dashboard load times were in the order of minutes.

With the existing solution, business users were able to access high level metrics from dashboards, but when deeper analysis was required business users were reliant on the analytics team. That meant delays, frustration and lost opportunities.

Alongside these frustrations, Endeavour were also planning to decommission one of their legacy BI tools. It was a great opportunity to take a new path with BI, rather than continuing with the legacy dashboard approach.

After a thorough evaluation of the BI market, Endeavour selected ThoughtSpot’s search and AI driven platform as their tool of choice and Pivot Analytics, the APAC ThoughtSpot partner of the year to implement the platform.


Pivot Analytics working closely with the internal Endeavour BI team were able to deploy ThoughtSpot in just 9 weeks.


ThoughtSpot is providing search driven insights for the Merchandise and Operations teams across over 1 billion rows of data, down to the individual transaction level.

Search and AI driven insights powering Australia’s largest liquor retailer.

ThoughtSpot is allowing Category and Operations Managers to use search to quickly ask their own questions of their data. With ThoughtSpot producing granular level insights in seconds not minutes.

The majority of questions are answered in under 10 seconds which has been a game changer. Within the first few weeks users were already changing the way they were using data, able to find insights during meetings and powering decision making at a new level.

Endeavour Drinks are initially rolling out ThoughtSpot to the Merchandising, Operations and BI teams, with plans to expand ThoughtSpot across the business.


At the core of any retail business is the data. But using tools that struggle to cope with the volume, and your needs, is costing your business money and market share!


Waiting minutes for a dashboard to load on a Monday morning, not being able to drill into transaction level data and only seeing data from some of the systems and channels are problems that are widespread across the sector.

What's worse is your competitors might have already adopted search driven analytics technology and are generating insights that are changing the way they do business.

Whether you generate revenue of $5 million or $5 billion, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you maximise the value of your retail data.


Modern search driven analytics is changing the way retailers do business.

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