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Your complete issue management analytics solution -  so you can

focus on issue delivery 

Pivot - JIRA provides search and AI driven analytics powered by ThoughtSpot to enable you to drill in and explore your JIRA data across projects and teams, in one simple to use app.

Pivot - JIRA is a fully managed ThoughtSpot solution, hosted in the AWS Sydney cloud and managed by the Australian based  team.

Pivot - JIRA gives you the power of ThoughtSpot, reliability and scalability of AWS and the service of Pivot Analytics, providing you the headspace to focus on issue delivery.

Do you struggle to keep track of issues across different JIRA projects and teams?


Pivot-JIRA is an off-the-shelf app that allows you to understand and explore your JIRA data.


JIRA is a great issue management and project tracking platform, but it's pre-canned reports make it time consuming and difficult to understand what is happening across multiple projects. It's easy for issues to become stuck or process problems to creep into your delivery pipeline.


With Pivot-JIRA you can save time and frustration with a series of pre-built dashboards, and the ability to ask your own questions with search - it's like Google for your JIRA data. 

Sick of tired, old dashboards?

Download our Dashboards are dead e-book and say "RIP Dashboards" forever!

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